Heard of Ortho-K?

Glasses, contact lenses…we understand they can be a little inconvenient sometimes. So what if there was another option?

Ortho-K, or Orthokeratology, allows for vision correction to happen while you sleep. It’s basically a contact lens you wear during the night (don’t worry- these lenses are designed for you to sleep in- unlike regular contact lenses), and it gently reshapes the cornea of your eye to correct your vision. You can then wake up in the morning, remove the lenses, and go about enjoying your day! This is especially convenient for the athletic types who love sports or live active lifestyles, but even if that’s not you- think about a life where you don’t need to worry about dusty, windy environments and things getting stuck in your contacts, or constantly cleaning your glasses whenever they get smudged or fogged up!

So maybe you’ve considered surgery, but the thing about surgery is, it’s relatively expensive compared to Ortho-K and there are risks of having your cornea cut, burned or vaporised and compromising its strength. Ortho-K costs less and unlike surgery, it can be safely discontinued or reversed at any time as the cornea is highly elastic and can return to its original shape.

A wide range of prescriptions can be corrected and the correction can be adjusted as you become older e.g for reading purposes. Ortho-K is suitable for people aged 10-50, so if you’re interested- here at Viewpoint Optical, we offer you the opportunity to try out Ortho-K, something that not all practices are able to offer. Come ask us for more details and to see if you can join the one million+ patients who can say they use Ortho-K!

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