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At Viewpoint Optical , we love finding new ways to help our patients with their vision correction. Orthokeratology (or Ortho-K lenses) is the next big thing in the world of optometry! Ortho-K lenses is a custom designed breathable rigid contact lens that corrects your prescription as you sleep. You can then wake up in the morning, remove the lenses, and go about enjoying your day! You will find it especially convenient if you love sports or have an active lifestyle. But even if that’s not you – think about a life where you don’t need to worry about dusty, windy environments and things getting stuck in your contacts, or constantly cleaning your glasses whenever they get smudged or fogged up! Contact us now or visit us at Hurstville Sydney to learn more.

Here are the most asked questions about Orthokeratology...


Can it be uncomfortable?

There is a slight discomfort when you first try Ortho-K lenses but the majority of our patients explain it’s only a slight irritation. Plus you’ll be sleeping with the lenses, so you really shouldn’t feel a thing!


Alternative to laser eye surgery?

So maybe you’ve considered laser eye surgery, and many patients are quite happy with the outcome of LASIK. But as many people know, there are irreversible risks with doing surgery, such as dry eyes, weakening the strength of the cornea and achieving less than desired vision. However, Ortho-K cost less and you can safely discontinue and reverse the results at any time. This is due to the cornea being highly elastic and can return to its original shape. It also does not cause dry eye issues throughout the day!


Can it stop my vision from getting worse?

The IT word for optometry right now is myopia control. We used to only be able to correct myopia or shortsightedness by prescribing standard glasses or contact lenses. We now know that even though it makes your vision clearer, it has little to no effect in slowing the rate of deterioration of your eyes. There are several ways of slowing down shortsightness progression for kids but Ortho-K is one of the safest and most effective methods; not only can it slow down shortsightness, it also allows you to see clearly as well! Nothing is guaranteed of course, but research has shown that these methods, including Ortho-K, can reduce progression as much as 50%.


Are there any other methods that are effective in controlling shortsightness?

There are now several evidence-based methods that can effectively control shortsightness. Many of these methods are alternatives to Ortho-K and also are quite effective. Click here

So if you’re interested in trying to Ortho-K, call us today on (02) 8021 2298 or book an appointment online


How does Ortho-K work?

Did you know, the ancient Chinese used to put sandbags on their eyes to correct their vision? Ortho-K works on similar principles; as you sleep with your Ortho-K lenses in, your cornea will be “reshaped” so that your vision is “corrected” the next morning. It involves the forces of your eyelids, the Ortho-K lens and also your tears to work its magic.


Why should I be excited for Orthokeratology?

How does having great vision but not needing glasses or daily contact lenses when you’re awake sound?

Do you want a safer alternative to laser eye surgery?

Of course, it has to be a proven and effective way of controlling your short-sightness.

Yes, I need this! I'd like to speak to an optometrist

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