Are all contact lens solutions made equal?

Hi guys! Ming here with the first post of the New Year! Happy 2016 by the way and excited to see how this year pans out for everyone. Anyways, one of the most frustrating (and equally intriguing!) aspects of being an optometrist are contact lens patients. It’s shocking to see just how little importance and attention new patients to the practice pay towards contact lens hygiene and solutions. One of the questions I ask my patients is “Do you know what solution you use to clean your contact lenses with?” and answers range from “that green bottle/blue bottle” to “I dunno, whatever is on sale at the chemist!”

Well, let me tell everyone now! Not all contact lens solutions are made equal! In fact, a big portion of contact lens problems originate from contact lens solution. Different solutions utilise different preservatives and when mixed around excessively, causes hypersensitivity reactions in the eye. Different contact lens brands also interact differently with different solutions, resulting in a drier contact lens or a much more irritated lens.

The two main families of contact lens solutions are the multi-purpose solutions and the peroxide system each having advantages and disadvantages. If in doubt, please please speak to your optometrist or come in for a consultation with us! It could mean the difference between contact lens intolerance and comfortable using them for the whole day without drops!

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