The top Celines of 2015

Celine sunglasses are must-have for all outfits. They are coveted as the fashion accessory for today’s women. Artistic flair takes on timeless vintage style as its stylish designs are handcrafted in acetate and finished off with a sleek metallic look. These sunnies add a sense of polished cool finish to any everyday outfit or special occasion. Check out our favourites from this year’s Celines.

1.The Celine Shadow CL 41026/S

We are proud to announce that Viewpoint Optical Hurstville is now carrying the Celine Shadow CL 41026/S! Its eccentric shape (flat top bridge and thick rounded shape) makes it this year’s most talked about pair of sunglasses. Celebrities like Kim K, Miley Cyrus and Kylie Jenner also have this beautiful accessory as a must-have for their wardrobe. Whether you’re jetting off from LAX airport or making a new MV, these sunglasses will complete your look.

Kim K wearing her Celine Shadow at LAX Airport.

2. The Celine ZZ-Top CL 41756/S

Next on the list is the Celine ZZ-Top. This gorgeous pair of sunglasses has a cutting edge shape. It also sports the flat top bridge with the classic thick square shape. Famous faces like Miley Cyrus, Kendall Jenner and Carmen Electra all clearly love this look. Its flawless design and bold look is enough to finish off your outfit, no matter what you wear. This sexy pair of sunglasses comes in 3 different colours: glossy black, tortoise shell and creamy beige.

Come and try some Celines on at Viewpoint Optical Hurstville. Call us on (02) 8021 2298 to book in an appointment and get your own pair of these gorgeous sunnies today!

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