Garrett Leight – California lifestyle with iconic designs

Garrett Leight California Optical (GLCO) expresses the California lifestyle with contemporary classics and colorful, iconic designs inspired by styles of generations past. GLCO was created in Venice, California in 2010 by L.A. native Garrett Leight. Leight’s eyewear heritage has been well documented, being the son of Olivers People founders, Larry Leight and Cindy Leight. GLCO is inspired […]

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Moscot X Future Classic Limited Edition

Introducing the first Australian collaboration between the most renowned iconic eyewear from New York City, and Australia’s leading independent music company. MOSCOT and Future Classic have collaborated to bring fans a Limited Special Edition LEMTOSH and YUKEL sunglass. Combining MOSCOT’s 100-year history and timeless craftsmanship, and Future Classics sleek modernity in both music and culture,

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The top Celines of 2015

Celine sunglasses are must-have for all outfits. They are coveted as the fashion accessory for today’s women. Artistic flair takes on timeless vintage style as its stylish designs are handcrafted in acetate and finished off with a sleek metallic look. These sunnies add a sense of polished cool finish to any everyday outfit or special

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Why Oakley?

Oakley eyewear is a brand that I’m sure many of you have heard of, especially sporting enthusiasts. Whenever you speak of Oakleys, the words modern, sporty, cool and durable comes to mind. And indeed, Oakley is one of the brands alot of our patients try on first. One of my very first sunglasses and also

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The ic! berlin

There’s a reason for that exclamation mark in “ic! berlin” … it should bring up some excitement and interest within you regarding this range of frames… why? To sum it up, they’re top of the range and one of the most high quality designs available out there, and you can’t express that properly without exclamation!

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