The ic! berlin

There’s a reason for that exclamation mark in “ic! berlin” … it should bring up some excitement and interest within you regarding this range of frames… why? To sum it up, they’re top of the range and one of the most high quality designs available out there, and you can’t express that properly without exclamation!

With the beautiful no fuss and no screws designs, the attention to detail, the interesting three clip in system for removable arms, the light weight- what could be better than that? Obviously, that was a rhetorical question, so read on and see!

Their frames are made from high quality surgical steel which is both flexible and strong, but you only really find out how strong a frame is when something awful happens, like the awful heart wrenching moment when your glasses drop out of the comforting hold of your hands and fall towards the hard concrete below you- worse yet-you lose your balance from shock and step on them. But none of us want to go through that first hand, so here’s an experience Stefano had. He was wearing his ic! berlins when he got hit by a golf ball, right in the middle of his eyes, but thankfully on the nose bridge of the frames. No skull fractures, no headaches- and there really can be no other explanation other than to say that the frames are incredibly strong and durable- they did save his life! But even if you’re not expecting to get hit by a golf ball, these qualities of the ic! berlin are important in daily life as well.

ic! berlin are very confident about their frames, and work hard to please their customers. They heard about Stefano and sent him a new pair of glasses with a special inscription, just for him. The founder and CEO, Ralph, is not only a creative, trend setting type of guy, he also isn’t afraid to get in touch with ic! berlin users and is constantly showing how invested he is in the frames. One particular example is him putting his own number on display in the ic! berlin website and even inscripted onto EVERY SINGLE ic! berlin frame. Questions? Just ask us! (or Ralph!)

So if you’re interested, come check out our range of ic! berlin frames and experience all these things for yourself. After all, no matter how much I write and rave about these frames, it’s up to you to decide!







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