Blue light in a digital age

Computers, mobile phones and tablets have an ever-increasing role in our lives nowadays. They help you keep in touch with your friends, share photos and updates from all around the world, but have you ever wondered if your small screens could have a big impact on the health of your eyes? People generally complain about tired or strained eyes after a day in front of the computer, but recent studies have shown that the blue light emitted by LED screens, like the ones from your phone or computer, could be damaging your macula. Macular degeneration is a leading cause of blindness, usually associated with age and  starts gradual loss of central vision. There have been a few studies linking high-energy visible light, namely blue light, to macular degeneration.

Blue light is found towards the upper end of the visible light spectrum and lies between 450-495nm, right next to UV radiation, a type of radiation considered harmful to not only your skin but also your eyes. The effect of blue light is extremely relevant in children nowadays, especially with the increasing prevalence of technology in their lives. Unlike older people whose lens become more yellow with time, their lenses aren’t as good at filtering out blue light. However, blue light isn’t all bad; it helps to regulate our circadian system and with the right amount, it tunes our biological clocks, but too much blue light wreaks havoc on our systems as it tricks our bodies into thinking it’s daytime at night.

HEV (high energy visible) filters remove wavelengths of visible light between 380-500nm and are said to help protect against macular degeneration. Taking blue wavelength out of the equation means that the signal usually sent to the brain during daytime isn’t triggered, skewing our normal circadian rhythm and making us less awake. There have been claims that viewing LED screens before bedtime can lead to poor quality of sleep. This is where lenses that filter out blue light comes in.

HOYA has recently released a new coating for their lenses. It is called BlueControl. According to HOYA, the new BlueControl coating not only neutralises the harmful wavelengths, it also reduces the amount of glare  and increases the contrast of the screen. If you get eyestrain, blurred vision, fatigue or headaches  from spending too much time in front of the computer or on your phone, come instore and try out the new BlueControl coating today!



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