The hidden costs of bargain glasses

With the promise of cheaper prices and the convenience of shopping from home, it seems only logical that more and more people have taken to buying their glasses from online “bargain” websites. However, research recently performed by Which?, an independent consumer advocacy group from the UK, has shown that people should think twice before going for cheap online deals. As part of their investigation, they bought and tested 36 pairs of glasses from various popular online websites. Of these 36 pairs, 15 were given a “fail” rating by their panel of optometrists, with 4 of these being labelled “woeful”.

Many people don’t realise correct readings like pupillary distance (PD) and vertical pupil heights are crucial for making an accurate pair of glasses. The majority of online retailers require customers to take their own readings, while some websites simply use approximations without even asking for a measurement. Accurate measurements are especially important for making multifocal or bifocal glasses. Incorrect or omitted measurements can result in eye strain, headaches and even potentially dangerous consequences if the wearer is walking down stairs or driving.

Getting your glasses online is like buying ready-made spectacles from the pharmacy. Although some do provide clear vision, most usually don’t correct your vision appropriately which can result in headaches and dizziness in the long run. Hence, we strongly recommend you purchase your glasses from an optometrist, especially if you have a high or complex prescription. Don’t hesitate to come instore if you have any questions or queries! At Viewpoint Optical, we strive to ensure that we provide you with quality eyewear of the highest possible standard.

To read the full Which? article, click here.

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