Maui Jim – Quality personified

Here at Viewpoint Optical, we stress the importance of quality eyewear and good UV protection for all our patients and no brand represents this better than Maui Jim.

Introduced since the late 1980s, the brand is well known for their high quality UV blocking polarize lenses. Here are a few reasons why their lenses are a cut above the rest;

РTheir waterproof and oleophobic coating  ensures there is going to be minimal grease and smudges. The lenses are also a lot easier to clean

anti-reflective coating on the back surface of the lens which prevents reflective light which might sneak in from behind

– their lenses of course comes with a clearshell scratch-resistant coating ensuring better durability and resistance to scratches

– the new POLARISEDPLUS2 wipes out 99.9% of glare and ensures a much cleaner and crisper view

Maui Jim sunglasses are also famous for having the best colour enchancing lenses which features their own patented treatments to infused views with colours

– a unique bi-gradient mirror that eliminates overhead and reflected glare

Almost all Maui Jim sunglasses can have prescription lenses, ensuring those of us who have to wear glasses don’t miss out! ( I have a pair and am loving it!) For those of you who are wondering about progressive lenses, yes they are also available in freeform design.

And finally, not only is the quality of the product superb, Maui’s warranty is second to none. A 2 years manufacturers warranty is coupled with a very very lax good will warranty. I remember once we had a customer whom purchased his Progressive lens Maui Jims worth a value of over $1000. The next day his wife comes back and told us he has had an accident involving the garage door, and the fact that the sunglasses were on top of his head (never ever do that folks!) and now there is a huge scratch in the middle of the lens. What pleasantly surprised me was that Maui Jim replaced it for him free of charge! and the they say….is history…..

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